Publica Brazil cites "revelations" in Napalm

Brazilian investigative journalism agency Publica has released a major report on napalm use in Brazil in the 1970s. "Napalm in the Ribeira Valley" by Anne Vigna, Luciano Onça, and Natalia Viana includes an interview and citations to Napalm:

The use of Napalm was in vogue at that time, according to revelations by American researcher Robert Neer in the book, “Napalm, an American Biography,” published by Harvard University. Napalm bombardments were carried out in September 1975 against guerrillas in Peru, and in March 1967 against the guerrilla Che Guevara in the Bolivian jungle (at least 150 bombs weighing 100 and 50 kilos were furnished by the Argentine government, according to a secret report of the Center for Foreign Information, or CIEX ). It wasn’t until 9 June 1972 that the legendary photo of children burned by Napalm in Vietnam spread across the globe, generating worldwide reaction. The same year, according to documents released by the National Truth Commission, the Brazilian Air Force bombarded three areas with Napalm to suppress guerrillas in Araguaia, something that has already been exposed in reporting by journalist Luiz Maklouf Carvalho.

Click here to read the original report in Portuguese, with a follow-on article here, or here to read an English translation.